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Dear Dr. Steele,

I want to express to you my deepest and heartfelt thanks for your kindness, expertise and support during my resent breast cancer journey. Being diagnosed with breast cancer was an emotional and uncertain time for me. You made a difficult situation easier to handle from the very first appointment to my last check-up.  Your expertise was clearly evident as well as your kindness and patience with me as I bombarded you with my many questions. You thoroughly explained all my options and helped me tremendously as I evaluated what was the best alternative for me.

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You were there with my breast surgeon when I had my mastectomy. Your concern and involvement gave me great comfort. Throughout my reconstructive process, there were many office appointments and two more surgeries. You were always so personable, professional and a constant support to my husband and me. My reconstruction and augmentation look fantastic. I am extremely pleased with my results. In fact, my family doctor and gynecologist have both commented that I received outstanding plastic surgical results.

Thank you again for everything that you did for my family and me. I am truly appreciative of the quality outcome that I received.


— Mrs. D.G.