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Dear Dr. Steele,

I am writing in an attempt to describe my incredible experience so that other patients will realize that you can change the way you look and see yourself permanently, easily and relatively painlessly.

I’m very glad that you and your staff did everything to help me with my brachioplasty.

This was actually my first transaction with UF Plastic surgery center and I must say that my satisfaction with my surgery results is immeasurable.

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I was completely blown away at the way my arms now look compared to how they did look.

After the drastic weight loss I had experienced I was beside myself when the results were I had all this excess hanging skin.

I was embarrassed to wear anything that showed my arms. When I raised my arms to wave to people the hanging skin would flap like large wings…

I had lost 100 lbs however I had to continue to buy extra large tops so that the arms would fit me…I am speaking to all those women and men out there that have to do the same.

When I tell you this is life changing, don’t just take my word for it look at the pictures they don’t lie…

I smiled for an entire week the day I was able to wear a tank top out in public and not be embarrassed by all the hanging flesh.

I don’t think I will ever cover my arms again just because now I do not have too….

Seriously speaking if you are reading this you are thinking about it …well let me be the first to tell you don’t think about it anymore you have already taken the first step which is the hardest…the surgery and recovery are tolerable.

No pain, no discomfort and if you have any when you look at those beautiful arms miraculously all that disappears.

I have been telling everyone about this wonderful experience and I hope people will know how great your team is.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you please know that I will always be one of your loyal customers.

— Mrs. E.B-H