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After two pregnancies, I was left with excess abdominal skin that made me really unhappy & self conscious. The skin was slack and crepey; it lopped over my c-section scar and was even visible under my clothes. I’m a registered nurse in a city with a nationally recognized, major teaching hospital, so I am fortunate to have access to some of the best physicians and surgeons available. Dr. Steele was my first choice, as I work at Shands at the University of Florida and I am familiar with his outstanding work in plastic and reconstructive surgery. When I researched tummy tucks online, I looked at all the before & after pictures I could find, and some were clearly better than others.

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I’m so pleased to say that my results are as good or better than any I have ever seen, and I’m beyond thrilled with the final result.  My belly is super flat, and the way my midsection was contoured makes my waist look tiny.  I actually threw away all my Spanx & shapewear (something I NEVER thought would be possible!) and at age 42 I can wear absolutely anything I want and feel great about how I look.  Six months post-op, I’m still giddy every time I pull on a pair of low rise jeans!  I’m truly elated about my new appearance and feel lucky every day.

From the initial consultation through follow-up care, Dr. Steele and his staff were wonderful, readily available and attentive to any recovery issue or concern.  It’s really a pleasure to talk about my amazing results and to recommend such a highly qualified and talented doctor.  Long story short, I’m incredibly satisfied I feel that because of Dr. Steele I had the best possible experience and outcome.

— Ms. A.L.