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Dear Dr. Steele,

I just wanted to express how much I appreciate the wonderful care and surgical expertise I received with the two surgeries you have performed on me. I am a nurse and I have worked with many surgeons-good and bad. Dr. Steele is one of the best surgeons I know personally and professionally.

After having 3 children (especially having the last two only 13 months apart) it did not do my body good! I always had very large breasts and it was even worse after I had children. They were still large, but a lot of volume was lost resulting in sagging. I decided to have a breast reduction in the summer of 2007 and had excellent results. The recovery time was short and Dr. Steele checked on me after surgery a few times.

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I decided it was time to have an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and liposuction since I had lost about 20 pounds and had a lot of excess skin due to multiple pregnancies. Dr. Steele was the only plastic surgeon I would consider since I had such great results the first time. I had the surgery in the summer of 2010. The recovery time was about 2 weeks and again Dr. Steele checked on me many times. I called with a concern and he saw me right away in the clinic. I still can’t believe how awesome I look! I am able to wear two piece bathing suits (actually I can wear just about anything) and not feel self conscious. I am currently in a size 2 or 4.

Words cannot express how much I appreciate all that Dr. Steele has done for me. He is very compassionate, has a great bedside manner, and really listens to any questions or concerns you have. Above all his surgical skills surpassed anything I could have ever imagined. Thank you again for giving me my self confidence back!

— K.S.