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I am a mother of two children who is petite in size and have a very active lifestyle. I have always been a A and got deflated and smaller after children. After a couple of decades of insecurity and difficulty finding clothes I finally decided to embark into getting cosmetic breast implants at the age of 35. Finding Dr.Steele was not only easy but I had heard through the community of his excellent outcomes. Once I meet him I knew right away he was going to do my surgery.

He spent time counseling me about implants but also educated me about where to place the implants and the size that would work best for me. Postop Dr.Steele personally called me to see how I was doing and feeling. His staff was accommodating, personal and made he made me feel very comfortable about me decision. I personally felt I had a spectacular outcome and would not hesitate one second to recommend him.

— Mrs. M.H.